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The Raybestos ST-43 are not that bad for the rotor when the disc are hot, but really bad when they are cold like on street. A little bit like the Hawk Blue, they are just machining the disc when they are cold, and close to no wear when hot. The Pagid blue are not very frendly for the rotor on street too, but better than ST-43.

I did not try the Hawk HT10 yet. I guess they are pretty good, for street... not sure.

Soigne, do not touch to Hawk HP Plus, or any EBC pads.

I'm not surprised you are fading the Pagid Blue, it is not really a true race pad. (more of a compromise street/race)

You should definitely try the HT-10, there should be feedback on this forum as well as from personal experience.

We have just completed some more street testing of the Hawk race compounds and we have had no issues running the HT-10 / DTC series Hawk race pads on the street as long as it is warm (and you are in a warm climate all the time).

The ht-10s have a moderately high temp range that is well suited for the Elises.

On our main track car (300WHP, 3000 pounds) we definitely need all the help we can get, so we go with the DTC-70.

1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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