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i have no experience, but in principle ducting would seem to me the lighter, cheaper, and more elegant solution regardless... very "lotus" if you ask me. And the faster you're going, the more it will help, plus, it will still help even if you do ultimately end up with a beefier brake solution.

If they do help a lot, it would be a good case where the concept doesn't get much play as an idea or solution becuase marketing and business folks find it hard to charge premium for it... and where people often spend time looking to put a bandaid on the problem instead of a solution for the problem. The problem isnt' that the brakes don't work... the problem is too much heat building up... so why not fix the heat build up problem by reducing the heat instead of just throwing bigger parts at it.

Can you tell i really like the brake ducting idea?... very cool.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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