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Ok, After 2 years of daily driving with my lil beast, the Exige finally needed to make the irritating noises of brake pad replacement time.

As most others I first called the my local Lotus dealership and asked for a quote.. After asked whether it would need just pads or both rotors and pads, I was called back half an hour later with the following details:

- Pads (front/Back) Roughly $800CDN
- Rotors and Pads (front/back) Roughly $2,300CDN

Hmmm, lil too high for my blood, so I found out the dealership had the pads for Roughly $300 a set and this got me to look at alternate sources. I checked and which I chose the Hawk brand for my non-track day, pads.

There prices were fairly consistent and for the front pads alone, It came to about $170USD, after shipment.

I thought I'd give my local sources a try and]Performance Improvements came to $195CDN and 2 days wait... However, I tried and found out they are 10 mins from my work and the price was $101CDN, in-stock. Woo hoo!!!

Ok, now for the the brake replacement.... I got the appropriate tools and then the instructions from: Lotus Elise Maintenance, Front Brake Pad Replacement

with stop watch in hand... i was able to replace the front pads for both sides just under 20 mins. hehe, ya, I'm not all that quick, but for my first brake pad replacement. You need to admit that this was one hell of a savings...

Seriously, money that can happily go towards my new exhaust. lol *fingers crossed* Maybe i shouldn't tell wife how much I really paid? ;)

Ok, next project, oil change... I don't want to dish out another $400 for an oil change. ouch.

To be honest, I'd have no problem going to and supporting my local dealer, especially during these economic times. However, they need to be a bit more realistic with their prices. Remember the market will only bare what the client's will.

Take care all, Scarab
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