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Hey Ziyad ... assume you're running with stock brake setup and have a rear parking brake?

Some suggestions:
1. Pictures of the parking brake adjuster cable
2. Remove the ABS fuse and do some testing, ABS can mask brake problems somewhat
3. Pictures of the rotors (all 4)
4. Rear tire rotation after you set the parking brake and release, excessive friction?
5. It does sound like the rear piston isn't screwing back and/or wasn't screwed back all way when the new pads were installed ... this piston "screws" back it doesn't just push back and it needs to be screwed ALL the way back prior to install of new pads.

It's been a while (3-4 years) since I've had ABS, a rear parking brake, and the rear caliper setup ... so trying to go from memory. But without seeing more, #5 seems to be the issue IMHO.

Cheers, Rob.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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