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Braking distance

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Numbers numbers... But the most important one has been left out. How many feet does it take to stop the Elise from 60 mph?

I have seen nothing:confused: Can someone please get an answer to this very important question:confused:
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I think we need to wait for independant testing from the US car magazines, which I would expect to see pretty soon.
I do not expect jaw-droppingly outstanding 60-0 numbers, actually. The VX220 and Speedster are probably good indicators. They actually weigh less than the Fed Elise does, and they have ABS like the Fed car does. The same calipers/rotors, too, I think. Even so, they are both outbraked by the MR2 Spyder. It's not going to be an Cadillac or anything, and I imagine the brakes will have outstanding feel and excellent fade resistance, but probably not the best 60-0 numbers ever posted.
I'm not sure I agree that the most important braking statistic is 60 - 0, I don't do that too often, what I do a lot is brake in autocrosses and track days from one speed to another. Now 60 - 0 may be indicative for that but I believe other factors are more important. Fade resistance, balance, feedback, etc. seem more important to me. For example, Road and Track did a test of the Caterham 7 last year, and the 60 - 0 distance was, I thought, very long and not indicative of my experience with the car. There are just very few cars after 3 or 4 laps that out brake me, and in an autocross the car is unbelievable under braking.
I guess statistics are a reasonable relative measure of cars but they just don't seem to sum to a total package. The other thing I see is that very few of us, certainly me included, are capable of extracting 100% from every aspect of a car. So maybe intangables are just as improtant as statistics in gettng the most out of a car, at least for most of us.
My Exige has the Motorsport braking package (The standard Elise front calipers are moved to the rear and 4-pistion AP Racing calipers are mounted up front - all 4 calipers riding on 295mm slotted/drilled rotors). The car comes with Mintex 1166 pads (endurance racing pad) and SS lines. I also have a bias adjustment fitted.

In 2 seasons of tracking the car (maybe 20 track days) I still have about 40% pad left all around and have only changed one rotor because it was warped (it was not straight from the beginning). I bleed my fluid every 2-3 track events and I can out brake most cars all day long.

Other Exige owners that I know with the standard brake set-up report similar performance. As mentioned above it's the braking at the end of the track day that you really see the difference. The high hp cars (Vettes/Vipers/911's) are starting to brake further and further out and I am still braking around the same points as the beginning of the day.

Now - the Fed car is about 250lbs heavier than a S1 Exige so this could change the equation slightly.

If you upgrade pads, add SS lines and good high-temp fluid you should be able to outbrake anything at the track all day long.
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James A said:
I'm not sure I agree that the most important braking statistic is 60 - 0, I don't do that too often, what I do a lot is brake in autocrosses and track days from one speed to another.
That's great, but if you drive this car on the street you will at some point want to come to a standstill. Should that need occur as the SUV in front of you blows a tire and causes a major accident in front of you I can assure you autox and track fun will not be your major concern at that time.

I shall use this car 80% of the time on the street so accident avoidance is my main issue when it comes to braking.
60-0 how many feet?

It’s been a while since I initially bought up this topic. The 111R is now released and is basically the same as the Fed car minus Air bags / interior but still no real world number to put to this very important question. How many feet does it take the Toyota powered car to stop from 60 MPH?

PS: Why was this tread moved to Autoshows?
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