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Braking & down shifting.....

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I have a problem that I need help with. The brakes areso touchy on my 05 Elise I can not heal and toe. I have the Sector 111 pedal but does not do me any good. Is there a way to lower the boost on the pedal. As an example there might be a turn you are setting up for where you just want to brush the brake and go down a gear but the brakes come on so strong you can not make it happen. I have heard that the brake boost in some cars is like that. I have over 10 years running a FF1600 so I know the drill. Is there thoughts onwhat I could do?
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No, I have use the brakes in the last ten years. I Sector 111 pedal raises the height of the brake pedal so the brake and gas are the same height. So you can adjust the a bushing to get ride of the mushyness. I will try a site search but if you have anymore info that wouldbe nice.
I can heel/toe in mine threshold braking from 125mph or turning into my driveway at 15 mph. can threshold brake with ABS?..i haven't been able to do so since my last unassisted car about ten years ago... can threshold brake with ABS?..i haven't been able to do so since my last unassisted car about ten years ago...
Sure... the ABS only kicks in if it senses lockup... I have never had the ABS kick in on the track, but I've certainly had the tires squealing under braking.
The lotus abs system is actually pretty good - it allows you to threshold brake but if you apply the brakes quickly and hard it'll react differently and engage alot earlier than if you use them as if on track (moderately quickly and firmly rather than quick n hard).

The biggest problem is the assistance - coming from the non-servo S2 Sport190 the feel is completely different and harder to tell whats going on whilst making the brakes much more sensitive. Still, you get used to it.
If you want to threshhold brake with ABS, just mash the pedal down. The only difference is that YOU don't have to be good enough to feather the brakes at just the right point.

You can also adjust the throttle cable to alter the throttle pedal's position a bit relative to the brake pedal. I believe there's some info posted so a search should turn something up.
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