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Hey guys, just picked up a new 2007 from Fox Valley Motorcars yesterday in Chicago. 400 miles so far on the odo, and I'm loving it!!! I've been too busy driving to take a photos; besides the weather is pretty dreary here in Indianapolis.

Comment and questions:
  • No (real) issues. Fantastic car. I've been tracking a 2003 Z06 with Lingenfelter provided 530 HP. I'm putting the Vette up for nice days, and switching to the Exige for all the tracking duty.
  • The car stalls in reverse (three/four times today). Any thoughts?
  • Any pics of what was supposed to be provided in the toolkit? I believe I'm missing a 3 mm key of some sort to remove the body panels (front and side).
Finally, I'm struggling with the mounting choices for harnesses. I'll keep reviewing the forum and figure it out!

Great forum! Thanks for all of the valuable information. Shooting to make the May 16th track day at Putnam Park. Hope to beat my best time from the Z06!

Ryan, Indy
2007 S, track, touring, limited-slip diff; Solar Yellow

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Congrats! My 07 Exige S (900 miles on the clock) arrived from Fox Valley a couple weeks ago. Great feeling isn't it? They are a stand-up bunch of folks over there.

Mine arrived in great shape. I had a small oil drip on the bottom of the motor, and so far it hasn't returned. I had some swirl/scuff marks to polish out (previous owner had a cat perhaps), and the previous owner had a rear Lotus badge which I had replaced with the original lettering (I like that better..saves me a little time around here when folks ask about the car, since no one here has seen a Lotus before apparently). Fox Valley did that at no charge for me.

That badge left a few scratches but nothing too major.

I love my Exige!!! So I know how excited you are right now.

Odd that the car stalls in reverse. Maybe you are just not keeping the revs up as high? If you are used to that Vette you'll need to retune yourself to account for less torque down low. Hopefully it is as simple as that. Maybe an ECU reset would clear it up?

As far as the toolkit, if something is missing just head to Lowe's and pick up a hex key set and replace what is missing. Granted, I bet the folks at FV would be able to get you fixed up. But for simplicity sake, it is just a regular old hex key. In fact, what I plan to do is take a set of the rubberized t-handle hex keys, and cut them down to fit into the toolkit. Those are safer to use around painted surfaces (less surface to scratch the paint should the tool slip out of your hand, and they have a more natural grip for their duty on these cars, I think).

Re: harnesses, if you do not have the factory harnessbar installed, then Sector111 has a great harness bar with a built-in camera mount. I'm not sure if it fits the Exige but I don't see why not (I'm a bit of a noob here and still learning, so double check that with S111).

If you plan to track the car then it looks like the Schroth Profi-2/3 ASM (non-hans) and Profi-2/3 DE (hand-compatible) are the way to go. The ASM models are street legal, the DE models are not.

A couple tips I've found in this wealth of a forum we have...I'll pass on to you as a fellow fresh owner....will save you a little surfing time...

-buy a rechargeable screwdriver with flex bits and/or 90 deg bits if you don't have one. this will come in handy often.

-your doors have adjustment screws for the windows in in the bottom-left corner. If your car arrived with a few clunky rattles, give those a turn or two. Go slow with it, do a half-turn at a time. Makes a huge difference.

-07 Exige S's leak a bit of oil sometimes. Shine a flashlight into the front oil-cooler ducts. Check the bottom for leaking oil. Lift the rear and remove the diffuser and belly panel and check for oil on the belly pan. Shine a flash light and check around where the dip-stick enters the block, check the oil pan, check the filter for residue or leaking, and check the crackcase vent connection.

-check the engine lid stops. adjust as needed. Mine arrived way out of whack.

-If you have the track pack, check your suspension settings and ensure the previous owner left things as they should be (front anti-roll on middle hole (3), suspension settings, and ride-height). Refer to: I had one rear shock set to 8 when the car arrived.

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