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Just wanted to clarify things to avoid mass confusion.

Armitage, our Dutch friend, provided information about breaking in the European S2 111S. I blew it and made it sound like that would also apply to the US Elise. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

I don't have any information about how to break-in the US car. The European car has a Rover engine, while ours will have the Toyota engine, so the procedures probably will be quite different.

European car - First 600 miles, not to exceed 3000 prm; next 400 miles, not to exceed 4500 rpm. Oil change and dealer downloads computer chip containing your driving record. Not a certainty that you would invalidate the warranty by exceeding the recommended revs, but the implication is that the dealer could use this against you if you had engine problems while under warranty.

Sorry for the confusion.
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