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Hello all,

This would be of interest to those of you in Upstate NY, Toronto and Niagara region of Ontario, Northwest PA, Northern OH.

Planning stages have been completed and the LOONYs will be having Brian Buckland do a lecture, talk, presentation on the Lotus Elan the weekend of Oct 20, 2012. Brian is from the UK and is the author of the fantastic Addendum manual for the Elan. Brian is one of the worlds most knowledgeable people on the Elan and it should be a good talk. Current plan is to hold it at my house on Sunday Oct 21st. My house is located in Williamsville NY, which is a suburb of Buffalo. We will also have some sort of gathering that day as well, if we get enough interest.

What I would like to know is if any of you would be interested in coming?

This is really a nice thing for Brian to do.

Please let me know as we may have to move this from my house to a larger place if the responses continue to increase and I will contact those that show an interest with further information as the time gets closer.

You can email me at tvacc *at* the website below......

Anthony R Vaccaro
LotusOwners Lotus Owners of New York
716-689-9100 (Store)
716-861-1412 (Cell)
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