$700 for both seat and slider, $600 without slider.

New the seat was $1200 and the slider is $300 (Bride Type-ZF for Lotus Elise/Exige)

Seat is in great shape with the exception of a rub spot where it was rubbing against my Alitech v1 (which is ultrawide) center console, no issues with any other shifter assemblies. I put blue painter's table between the seat and slider so it wouldn't get scratched.

Prefer a local pickup but I have a box if you need it shipped to you (shipping cost on the buyer)

The all new Bride ZODIA is an all new super lightweight full bucket racing seat from Bride. Exclusively for the Lotus Elise and Exige, ZODIA features the "Low Max" super low seating system for additional headroom.

The ZODIA is specifically designed for the smaller cockpit of the Elise and Exige, and is even lighter in weight than the factory seats.

The height of the side bolsters is ideal for maximum grip during high cornering loads.

FRP backing construction, with a low seating position, ideal for taller Elise and Exige Drivers, and when driving with a helmet.

Currently available in all black only.

Material: FRP
Fitment Size: 860mm tall | 490mm shoulder | 410mm width
Weight: 5.5kg (12.12lbs)