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@glb We haven't entirely figured out why. I suspect, the 2zz engine just really isn't that reliable in supercharged trim, not without upgrades, especially to the valvetrain. The engine was used, purchased on here, with I think around 30k miles on it and video proof of it running before it was removed and shipped to us. Plus, we did put around 500 street miles on the car once completing and and a full track day (it went kaput on the cool down lap of the final session!) Track driving as we know is a harsh environment for any engine, especially one with a big aftermarket supercharger on it.

There wasn't any over rev or mis-shift at the track and as you can see in the video it occurred on the cool down lap. So who knows, maybe just too much heat in there cooked the valve? Open to suggestions or theories if you have any!

During the rebuild, we'll be strengthening the engine to avoid this in the future.
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