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I am looking to buy a new exige s, but the only problem is that I am located in Wichita, Kansas and the nearest Lotus dealership is in St. Louis almost 8 hours away! I know that there are very few Lotus dealerships in the country. I just want to know what other people do. Is there any other dealerships that work on these cars? Suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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If you want something unusual and above average, you may have to go to unusual and above average lengths to get it and keep it. I'd suggest you look into an out of warranty Elise, and learn the basics of maintenance.

My nearest Lotus dealer is in Dayton, OH, last time I looked, about four hours away. Prior to that, there was one twenty minutes away, but it wasn't exactly a quality operation - was shut down by Jaguar when they were caught forging warranty claims.
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