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Build more dealerships!

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I am looking to buy a new exige s, but the only problem is that I am located in Wichita, Kansas and the nearest Lotus dealership is in St. Louis almost 8 hours away! I know that there are very few Lotus dealerships in the country. I just want to know what other people do. Is there any other dealerships that work on these cars? Suggestions?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I understand your point. I think as a consumer, it is in your best interest to shop around across the country. The internet makes that easy to do and you will find varying offers/deals. I have found as much as $10000 difference in what I was looking for. Depending on the savings, you can then arrange to have the car shipped or delivered.

But - the main issue is maintenance then. If you are handy, some of the routine stuff can be performed. However there are some things and warranty issues you will need to have an actual dealership do regardless. In these circumstances, if you don't have a dealership nearby, you will need to have the car shipped. That can be a big head ache depending on the issue. I happen to live in St. Louis which oddly has 1.25 Lotus dealers. I consider one to only be a quarter of a Lotus dealer - their primary business is used cars. Anyway, despite living near 1.25 dealers, I still face a problem if I ever need bodywork - no one in this area has enough understanding to work on these cars - so the best place is to have it shipped to Chicago.
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