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Hi guys. Just need some serious advice here.

Should I stay or should I go?

I do have an orange NA 2005 Exige now with low miles on it. Works all fine. Am just about to order a VF Stage II kit and a clutch for my baby.

Just found a Grey 2006 Bemani Exige with about 21.000km for sale today with the following spec:
- Bemani supercharger kit (263hp)
- Sinter clutch
- Lighter flywheel
- Sportsexhaust (not specified if headers or just cat back)
- Differential brake/lock
- Sachs sports suspension
- 4pot AP-racing 315mm brakes in front
- 4point harness
- Soft-top included

So the questions are:
- Are most of these upgrades needed?
- Are these all the RIGHT parts, or would I be better with putting the money elsewhere or just upgrading my current exige with a VF II kit and a clutch?
- Costwise I believe it will be cheaper to just buy the Bemani one other than rebuilding my own with ALL the upgrades on the bemani.
- Are these "the right" parts for an upgrade, or is it just a waste of money for regular street use to do all these upgrades?

Looking forward to hear from all of you Lotus lovers who know anything about these matters out there :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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