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Busy weekend tinkering

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After three months with the Elise I finally decided to dig in this weekend. I got a lot done:

  • Installed Start Button Override (reversible)
  • Disabled Automatic Alarm (reversible)
  • Disabled Daytime Running Lights (reversible)
  • Disabled Buzzer (reversible)
  • Replaced handbrake microswitch with off the shelf replacement
  • Reenforced shifter bracket (Stan Mod)
  • Insulated passenger compartment (reversible)
  • Removed recirc blocker plates (reversible)
  • Blocked off outside air intakes (reversible)
  • Added insulation around evaporator ducting.
  • Added LED strips for interior lighting powered by dome light wiring and can be switched to door open, off, or permanently on with toggle switch.

Disabling the automatic alarm and making the key start the engine is probably the best combination of mods. The start button was starting to get irritating...
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Want to give some details? I'd like to hear more about the micro switch and the led strips.
Want to give some details? I'd like to hear more about the micro switch and the led strips.
The OEM micro-switch that controls the brake warning light if the handbrake is lifted broke. It priced out at $142 on mylotusgarage. The original micro-switch is standard size with a roller fitting at the end of the arm. I found a suitable replacement at a local electronics emporium. I cut the connector off the original and crimped on some quarter inch spade connectors and repaired it for a total of $5.

The LED idea came from this thread. The only thing I did differently was to splice in a new harness from the dome light harness to a DPDT toggle switch.

BTW, if anyone cares the dome light is common with Peugot 405s and a few Citroen models. I figured that out from the car logos on the back of the switch. Looks like it crosses to a SEAT model as well, but that is impossible to search on ebay.
This is what I did for extra lighting:

The last 2 saturdays I have had the Elise apart and fixing and updating things as well! Adding the A/c insulation, replacing start button bulb, fixing seat rattle, replacing stripped diffusor and under tray bolts, checking all suspension bolts for looseness, protecting the coolant U tube, and so on and so on.
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