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offroadr35 said:
I took the Elise out to the track for the first time on Monday. We ran Buttonwillow clockwise in configuration 1 with Star Mazda and the bus stop.

This was my first time in this car and the first time on this track. By the end of the day the car was turning 2:14-2:15 pretty consistently...even managed some 2:15 laps with a passenger. I felt like this was pretty quick considering i didn't really know the track or the car well. The fastest car of the day was a track prepped GT3 on Cups that hit a 2:06.

Any idea what a good time is with this configuration?

I can tell you my time with my SE-R using the same configuration. On 225 Hoosier tires the fastest I pulled was a 2:12.314 with consistent 2:12.xx for the session

On 225 Toyo RA-1s I pulled 2:13.442 with consistent 2:13-2:14 for the session.

Other SE-R Cup cars tend to pull consistent 2:15-2:16 in that configuration.

My car weighs 2455 lbs with driver and 3/4 tank of gas. It has around 153-155 whp, giving it a 16:1 weight to power ratio. The Elise has better weight-to-power ratio. I think it is around 13-14:1.

It is all about practice and getting used to the Elise. The more you practice and become one with the car, the better times you should pull.

But these are good times considering this is your first time with the car and you do not have a lot of ButtonWillow experience.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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