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Word to the wise, I made the mistake of purchasing a Full custom audio system from this man. I would say "businessman," but the term does not apply in this case.

First off, I'll start right off by letting you know (*as he did NOT until After the purchase, nor is it mentioned anywhere on his site) that you need Windows XP to configure the audio processor that runs this antiquated system. I had to have a laptop from something like 8 years ago sent from the East Coast. His excuse was that the tech is not available in current single Din head units. Maybe next time I could ask my Mom to get out the Apple IIE. Perhaps it's time to rework the system, huh? Just maybe?

Customer service was horrendous, if you have the clam hinge and/or are strictly getting Audio (as opposed to backup camera and Nav) his 90 page instruction manual is worthless, and, the best part, after Over two months, the console and trim pieces that he was going to colormatch paint were returned to me. With. No. Paint...

They were going to be painted for free! HVAC trim, center console, and cupholder. Solid, right?! Instead they weren't painted at all. Thanks for nothing. Of course, three weeks ago on the phone they were going to be primed, the very next day, isn't that what you said on the phone, Chuck? That's so funny, because there isn't a speck of primer on any of the pieces.

Sooo, Chucky is a LIAR in addition to all of the above. Which, Ultimately, is worse than being a failure of a businessman and/or a purveyor of a product that uses an operating system from the Stone Age, at least in my eyes.

If he wasn't sick, he was too busy to answer the phone, or there was a family emergency, and on and on. Pathetic.:facepalm

Word to the wise. Caveat Emptor.

Next time I'd go sub enclosure ONLY.
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