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Just wanted to document a fix so the next unfortunate soul who runs into this doesn't have to redo all this research.

After a trackday where my O2 sensor backed itself off of my decat pipe, and started venting extremely hot exhaust gasses into my engine bay, my red battery light started flashing. It eventually turned solid red. This was due to one of the alternator wires severing, apparently due to the heat, even though the wires were all wrapped in muffler wrap. Apparently this is a common issue on Elises with the V1 BWR supercharger, which relocates the alternator to around where the headers connect to the cat.

The alternator on the 2ZZ Elise's (at least the 2005 MY) is a standard Toyota part, and so the pigtail or connector that goes from the wiring harness to the alternator is also a Toyota part, although it seems many manufacturers use the same alternator plug. I ended up buying this plug off of Amazon and will be installing it with quality butt crimp connections.

Also the part number should be this: Toyota OEM Oval 3 Wire ALTERNATOR PLUG CONNECTOR 90980-11349

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