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And you would be right! I'm in the auto industry and recieved this email earlier today. Here is who will be speaking:

Chris Theodore, president, Theodore & Associates (ex VP of Chrysler Platform Engineering, ex VP of product development, Ford NA, 'father' of the Ford GT, CEO of Saleen, etc)
Gerald A. Wiegert, chairman, CEO and founder of Vector Motors and AquaJet; designer of Vector supercars; advanced vehicle design consultant for GM, Chrysler, Ford and Toyota;
Greg Schroeder, Center for Automotive Research
Oliver Walter, Responsible Product Manager BMW i3
Prof. Nick Gianaris, Michigan State University (automotive materials)
Tomasz Krysinski, responsible for vehicle lightening, PSA
Professor Glen Daehn (and/or Professor Anthony Luscher) Director, Honda-OSU Partnership, Ohio State University
Gregory Peterson, senior technical specialist, Lotus Engineering

Khalid Lafdi, Ph.D. & D.Sc., Wright Brothers Institute Endowed Chair in Nanomaterials; Professor, Chemical and Materials Engineering, UDRI Carbon Group Leader, University of Dayton
Ricardo Martinez Ríos, Advanced Structures Coordinator, Metalsa
Makoto Kibayashi, (CTO), Toray Carbon Fibers America
Professor Aleksandar Subic, Head of School, School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, RMIT University, Australia
Donald Lasell, president and chief engineer, Think Composites
Alan Anderson, chief engineer (retired), Boeing
John P. Bradford, Chief Innovations Officer, Interface Americas, Inc
Eddie Davis, chemistry team lead, materials - NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
Dr John Fish, airframe design, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Co
Prof. Shaker Meguid, University of Toronto
Dr Dan Schrage, Director Vertical Lift Research, Georgia Tech
Professor Konstantinos Kontis, Chair in Aerodynamics and Shock Physics, Deputy of the Director Aerospace Research Institute, University of Manchester
Robert McIntosh, Chief Engineer – Weights, Boeing Commercial Airplanes

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SAE isn't involved right? Didn't see on the site's list of events.
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