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I came across some software that is originally written by some person for setting belt tension on Ducati motorcycles. I found the link to this on the Ducati forum.

Ducati forum page:

Frequency counter program for PC? - - The Ultimate Ducati Forum

The link was to a download for a frequency counting program that seems to work on both Windows XP and Windows 8. It is specific to Ducati motorcycles but does seem to be usable for the Lotus cam belts.

Link to download page:

Home of CBMTool the Ducati belt tensioning tool

I have downloaded it and played with it a bit and it seems to work. However the '90 Esprit is in Washington and the V8 Esprit is still being assembled so I haven't had the chance to test it on and Esprit belts.

Something like this specific to the Esprit would be great. Just change the menus from Ducatis to Lotus and put in the specs. There could even be a belt type selection for the defaults if anyone can decide on a figure for the Blue ones.

I got nothin' to do with the software or anyone else. It's just something I found on the Ducati site and thought I'd share.
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