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Lotus Death Valley Camping
Date/Time: 03/24/2018 -> 03/25/2018
Location: Death Valley
Categories: Social / Road Trip / Canyon Carving

Yes, you read that right – Lotus Camping!

What do you do when you find a bunch of great driving roads, but they’re kind of in the middle of nowhere? Just find a tiny tent and pack your pillow, you’re good to go.

We’ll be heading out to Death Valley for some awesome photo opportunities, amazing driving, killer sunsets, and campfire stories. (Don’t worry, there will be hotels nearby as well, but we figure most Lotus owners are pretty comfortable in small tents.)

It’s also a great chance to explore the world of backpacking equipment. Backpackers are probably the only other group on earth as obsessed with lightness as us!

Departure from Fontana at 10 am Saturday.
Lunch stop at Cafe X in Barstow.
Camp at Stovepipe Wells.
Return to civilization Sunday afternoon.

Please register below so we can send important logistic info when we have it.
Camping in the Valley of Death - Lotus Club of Southern California

People should bring at a least a tent, a sleeping pad, and a sleeping bag …we’ll have other needed gear.

Feel free to contact us if you need or want more information.
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