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I own a 2004 Lotus Elise S2 111S with the 1.8 K series engine.

The car hasn't done may miles, approx 15K and has been serviced annually by the local Lotus Dealer in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Unfortunately this dealer s no longer trading, and the car has now developed a issue....
While out on a run the car seemed to make a pop (or maybe a backfire) after which it started to misfire, and the engine light came on....Limping back home I have been able to attach a ODBC reader and download the fault codes

P1302 : Boost Calibration Low

P1301 : Boost calibration High

P0300 : Random/multiple cylinders misfire detected

P0340 :- Camshaft position CMP Sensor A bank1 – circuit malfunction

Thinking P0340 would solve the problem, I removed the CMP and checked the part as being NSC000010.

Unfortunately I was unable to find anyone who stocked this part, however was offered a aftermarket replacement part, P/N NSC000010P.

The part arrived and was fitted, however this has not solved the problem, the car tries to start but doesn’t

I would therefore appreciate and suggestions on where I can next look / check

Thank you


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Stephen you might want to post in SELOC as LT is primarily US Fed Lotus cars.
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