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Can Someone Learn Me on the Difference Between the Elise and Elise S Motors?

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So I continually kick around the idea of buying Sector 111's supercharger for $4k and installing it on my '05 Elise.

I am a bit concerned about engine longevity, however.

So my question (which is oddly hard to find an answer to online) is whether the 2ZZ-GE on the Elise/Exige S had strenghthened internals? Or was it the same engine as the base Elise with a supercharger bolted on?

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it is the same internals in all Elise and exige models
AFAIK, the supercharged Elise has a smaller supercharger than the supercharged Exige because the Exige has an inter-cooler and the Elise does not...therefore less HP too. Internal are all the same.
Don't think twice just do it! The difference is amazing! Just be sure to put on a baffled oil pan so you don't oil starve the engine, wether you supercharge or not.
I have around 25,000 miles on my Katana2- driven on the I-15 and 215 almost every day- no issues.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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