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Can you verify your center console lights for me?

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I have a 2002 Esprit V8. I recently had some work done on it and when I got it back, the center console light buttons seem strange to me, but I can't remember if this is normal and I just forgot or what is going on.

When I'm in my garage, where it's a little darker, I noticed that with OUT the headlights/interior lights on, only the first two push buttons are dimly lit (that for headlights and interior lights) and the two next to them are off (hazard & fog). If I push the interior light button, then they all light up bright.

It seems strange to me that those hazard/fog buttons wouldn't also be dimly lit as the first two are. I swear they all four lit up before.

What is yours like?
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Yes I can confirm this is normal. My 2003 FE does the same thing.
yes same here... I think there is a back light cumming from teh Radio area or the heat/air conditioner from below or something.. not sure.. I might be wrong, but mine is the same as you state,
Thanks guys. My car has spent at least 6 of the 14 months I've owned it in the shop getting either repairs or modifications, not to mention how many days it sits in the garage during the Seattle rainy season (now)... so I don't have it all memorized yet and I'm so used to "something breaking" by now, I just assume the worst. LOL. At least this is "as designed" as goofy as it seems.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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