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Canadian R888s for sale

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I have a set of LSS size brand spanking new R888s for sale and I live in Canada. This may mean nothing to you Americans, but tires here cost about twice as much. Going with a 15/16 set up for the track so don't need them anymore. Best offer, but don't bother with low ball offers, my brother will take these off my hands for the full American price. Her also has a Lotus - the copycat. Just trying to give a good deal to us Northerners.
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How much do you want ?
canadian r888s

I think $1100 Canadian. This is about $337 less than I could find them anywhere in Canada if you include taxes and is about what I paid for them in the States. So there you go free smuggling for you Canadians.
Does anyone know why our tires are so much more expensive?
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