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So, I've realized that there is a large amount of the Lotus community (vendors) that deny, or don't know that the late front ends of the Exige S2(maybe elise) are different. Granted, it's subtle, but different.
Most things don't make any difference. But some do. I reluctantly bought a set of cf canards that are for the 'S2' I asked if they would work with my 2010 and was assured they would. Well......after far to much positioning and sliding around, I determined that there is no way the curvature of that canard will fit anywhere on the front corner of a 2010, the clam is just a bit more squared off since the openings are wider and larger.

So.....anyone know of 2010+ specific canards? CF preferred? Or other ideas? Sadly the mounting flange is what is wrong which is impossible to modify.

Thanks for any help.
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