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Can't Find Engine Fuses

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I hooked my battery up backwards, threw a code. Reset it and still have a problem. Searched the issue and I can't believe so many others have done the same thing, makes me feel a little better.

It appears that I have most likely blown a fuse but I can't find my engine compartment fuses. I have the Lotus SC and I believe it was installed by a Lotus dealer.

Does anyone know where they moved the fuse blocks? It is not behind the seats. I lifted a pic posted by dspecgsx (thank you) posted below, my view is the second pic.

Any ideas? MY 2005.

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Main fuse box
Slot Rate Circuit
1 20A Aux pwr socket
2 5A Reverse lamps
3 20A Driver’s window
4 20A Pass. window
5 10A Stoplamps
6 7.5A Turn indicators
7 10A Ignition services
8 7.5A Battery services
9 15A Hazard lamps
10 7.5A Horn
11 10A Alarm pwr, interior lamp
12 10A ABS
13 3A ECU Ignition
14 20A Rad. fans; 1&2 slow, 1 fast
15 7.5A Radio, switch pack module
16 10A Parking lamps
17 10A Dip beam LH
18 10A Dip beam RH
19 20A A.C. comp. relay, rad fan 2 fast
20 15A Main beam LH
21 15A Main beam RH
22 7.5A CDL

Engine Compartment Fuses
Fuse Rating Circuit
R1 20A Fuel pump
R2 3A Immobiliser
R3 5A Alternator sense
R4 5A ECU battery feed
R5 5A O2 heaters
R7 10A Injectors, ignition coils
R8 5A Re-circ. pump

Footwell Fuses
Fuse Rating Circuit
C1 20A Interior fan
C2 15A Wiper motor
C3 7.5A Audio key-in
C4 7.5A A.C. compressor

this is all I have, from owner's manual

edit: Can't imagine moved from eng compartment. Get a good light.
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Thanks. Just spent 20 minutes with a good light. It APPEARS the blocks were moved lower on the firewall below the supercharger. I can't get my hands in there from the top.

Starting clam hinge install tomorrow. Hopefully I can reach it from the bottom and move them somewhere more appropriate. I can't believe this was a Lotus standard install.
I hooked my battery up backwards
This has happened before, I believe it ended up being a fried ECU... :( I wish you luck
I think the ECU is fine With the battery hookup I immediately stopped with the spark. She starts and runs fine other than rev limiter kicks in at 6,000 rpm. I found several posts with the same symptoms from the same bonehead move. The fuse fixed the problem.

I do believe I fried my amp though, but haven't bothered checking fuses there yet.
Got to both of the fuse blocks, freed them and temporarily moved them. The ECU fuse (R4) was blown and all other were visually inspected and tested as good. Replacing R4 did not correct the problem though - no change.

I read several threads on the same issue with R6 being the problem. So, I replaced the good R6 with a new R6 as other members have reported and problem was solved.

I don't understand it. The old fuse looked good and tested good.... Thank goodness for the forums.

Oh, and the clam hinge is pretty damn cool!!!!
good news. good job.
Sweet! Clam Hinge ROCKS.
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