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Car Covers for the new elise

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OK, I am gearing up for the new machine and want to get a car cover since I park outside at work. I have not had any luck with any of the online vendors having a 2005 elise in their system as an option. I want small, light, waterproof. I have a weathershield fabric cover from autoanything on my other car and would like to have the same material, but not luck so far finding it. Any ideas?
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another plug for - they have the weathershield cover
They also have the shower cape which is more compact and stores easier, only covers glass and top. This has been popular in the UK.
We carry the weathershield covers fitted for the Elise. We've got them in solid colors and multi-color as shown here:

You can pick from 8 different colors. With the multi-color cover you can pick from any two of these colors.

Click Here for Elise Covers

Don't forget to use your EliseTalk 5% discount code: ET2004
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I ordered a grey one yesterday, but did not know about the 5% discount. Is it possible to add it?
Martin Mattingly
How big, when packed in trunk?

How big is the indoor/outdoor cover when crammed into a carrying case?

Re: How big, when packed in trunk?

childressmd said:
How big is the indoor/outdoor cover when crammed into a carrying case?

The Weathershield covers pack up into about 1/4 to 1/2 the size of most non-woven car covers like Noah/Evolution etc. The picture above is a cover from a Honda Accord. The Elise cover is even smaller.
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camoflage cover?

I want the car cover from the car commercial currently running on TV !

where the cover looks like a beater car and the guy has a new car benith it! where do i get one of those?

that way the Liz will be snug in hiding out without anyone taking a peek under the cover 2 see her hidden benieth, they will just pass the car by thinking it is some worthless wreck
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