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car decal manufact. online

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HI All,
Want to get some Lotus motorsport decals made to put on my car, anyone have an online source where I email jpg give them my credit card info and they make it and send out.

I'm specifically looking for the kind of decal as used in auto racing, ie the decal parts are individually die cut and on wax paper with another piece of wax paper on the top to facilitate positioning.
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On the rear windshield of the fed Elise is a stylized "E" with a crown over it. On the Euro model, it's on the driver's side of the car (same spot as the gas cap is on the passenger's side). I'm toying with the idea of putting one there, so I ordered the sticker from Lotus. It's only about $6. They informed me that it has to be special-ordered from England. That's a lot of work by Lotus, just to get me a $6 sticker!
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