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Car mag review: 111R vs. VX220T [image intensive!]

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Car mag review: 111R vs. VX220T :cool:
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Very nice read. Thanks!

can't tell you HOW bad i want mine now

I've been worried that the ABS and brake booster were going to screw up the brake feel. So far the reviews are OK with it and the car has superior brakes to the SI and SII.
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EVO magazine also from the UK has a similar comparison test between the two cars in this months issue(Greatest Driver's Car Over Past 10 years is on cover-Elise S1 135 made the top 10). Their article tends to favor the Elise more than the Car magazine article and it has some great shots of an Ardent Red Elise.
Is the elise in storm titanium?
i don't know it kind of maybe looks like graphite?
In the Car Magazine article it calls the car gunmetal-grey.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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