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Car shutting off Help

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I know that many of you have experienced their Lotus Evora shutting off unexpectedly. Most of the time when I read the threads the dealers ask you to duplicate the condition which is intermittent. Those of us who have experienced the car shutting know that duplicating the problem at will is impossible. I am located in NY an will be meeting with a factory rep next week to talk about the problem. I would appreciate if all of you have experienced this problem and those of you who know others who have experienced the same, to please reply to this thread with the following information.
Model S or not
Conditions under which the car shut off
location and dealer who serviced the problem
What the dealer did to solve the problem and whether it solved it
I am try to build a data base an would appreciate your help
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I have a '12 S that had this issue last year. It would occur intermittently when coasting/decelerating from highway speeds while shifting into neutral (a la taking a exit ramp on a highway and coming up to a light). The engine would shut off while the car was coasting in neutral, and I would rarely notice it until I tried to start moving again,

Since getting an ECU update at the end of last summer (I believe august or september-ish), i have not had the issue since (knock on wood). Park Place Lotus of Plano did the warranty work.

my issues were identical
'12 S manual. Happened once in 1500 miles. Was coasting, and occurred just before stopping; can't remember if had shifted into neutral by that time or not.
So much for data. Update it
what dealer did you go to in Fla?

what did they do to solve the problem
Data is current. Has not recurred, thus have not pursued dealer entreaty. Awaiting some parts for "finicky" warranty work. When I take in for warraty, will note this to dealer (Southpointe) to develop record of issue.
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