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carbon airbox released

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just found a carbon airbox on komotec for the 111r and fed elise.

it looks pretty good to me.

its in German so a rough translation is below.

In order to optimise the sound and the efficiency of the 111R, we developed a carbon air box system. This is characterised by perfect processing ?, good sound and improved torque behavior ?. The kit is supplied with TUEV approval. 3-4 weeks delivery time

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Andy 111R said:
processing ?
"Verarbeitung" in this context means something like "workmanship".

They list a few other parts specifically for the 111R. Including a LSD. They say that it works on a "Salesbury basis". Doing some quick research, it should probably say Salisbury, and those are clutch type diffs?
It's nice to see these products coming out. That air box looks nice- any claims of power increases on the site?
No numbers, it just says "improved power and torque".
>>>Doing some quick research, it should probably say Salisbury, and those are clutch type diffs?<<<

Yes that would be a clutch type unit. Those work fine and tend to be easy to drive at lower lockup percentages. But they tend to increase understeer at the beginning portion of a turn. The Elise already tends to exhibit that characteristic at times, so this may or may not be a concern.

Yes I think you are right Simon, I have emailed Reverie for pricing etc.

I will put up the response.
had a reply from reverie they are looking at 6 to 7 weeks to be ready :(
Looks nice. If there are dyno-proven gains, I'll buy it.

Here is the translation using Babel Fish ...

Phase 1: Increased output 10 HP by employment of a sport muffler and a carbon air box can be attained an increased output of 10 HP and a torque rise from 9 Nm to. Achievement: 192 HP with 7765 U/min torque: 186 Nm with 6640 U/min Note: The original vehicle did not have the manufacturer data of 190 HP when our measurement, but only 182 HP reaches. The reached increased output becomes very positively apparent in the driving fun, particularly since the sonore sound of the exhaust system emphasizes the sporty character. Kit consisting of: Sport muffler high-grade steel with 70mm double final pipe carbon air box with air hose particularly for 111R price: EUR 1,590, - - installation: EUR 260, - -
Another link at the site ...

KOMO TEC successfully locked the development of the first two performance phases. Already the optimization of inlet and outlet system showed that in the Toyota engine still another substantial Leistungspotenzial is. A new high-grade steel in connection with an flowoptimized carbon air box in the exchange to the original air cleaner system bring a clearly noticeable increased output of 10 to sport mufflers +/- 1PS in a broad number of revolutions volume. The increase of the torque (upper curve family) is particularly remarkable over almost the entire speed range. A pleasant side effect is the sonore, sporty sound of the plant, which however never importunately works. The second performance phase contains a 4:1 high-grade steel fan elbow union, which leads particularly in the middle speed range to a clear rise of Drehoment and achievement (without illustration) Both performance phases are offered with TUEV entry. (§19.3). Here we show the two metrology records individually. The first diagram shows the unchanged vehicle in the original state. Unfortunately performance data announced by the manufacturer were not reached yet, because it concerned a completely new vehicle with only few km run achievement. After the einfahrzeit we proceed from a reaching of the being. However our measures will reach the increased output also with engines, which exhibit the values indicated by Lotus. Measurement original vehicle: Measurement with our sport muffler and carbon air box: For future phases of the increase in output as well as for the running employment in the coming season we developed already special forging pistons for the Toyota machine, which exhibit very promising achievement yields together with further measures with very high stability. Parallel to the engine development we co-ordinated our proven JRZ sport chassis with the changed weight distribution and new geometrical conditions of the Elise111R. This chassis is immediately available with us. Information to the kit phase 1: Engine kit Elise 111R
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And the dyno results for the airbox and sport muffler ... Only legible if you save it to your computure and magnify the image.


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Thanks for posting all that Aletes
Excuse my ignorance - would this product be street legal in California?
deddie said:
Excuse my ignorance - would this product be street legal in California?
Absolutely not unless it is CARB certified...which it isn't.
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