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Carbon Fiber scoops with brackets

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Brand New, dug out of storage.

Glossy carbon fiber Exige/Elise scoops with grille mesh. I have in mind they were around $400 when I bought them. They have been sitting in heated storage (spare room in my house)

NCI Mounting Brackets from RLS.. ~$250 new



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I'm interested in the Side Scoops w/mesh. Maybe the Aero kit as well.
Let me know what you need on the Scoops please. Thank you.
PMed about scoops
I pm'd you on the scoops and mesh and bracket minutes after you posted this. Please let me know if you got it.
More photos (would only let me load 5)


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I'm believe I responded to everyone. If you PMed me and haven't heard back, please send another message. I had many people PM me saying they were interested so it was hard to keep track.

I'm not sure what happened though, of all the messages I replied to I only received a few in response and several where not exactly polite. :confused::sad:
hi there, im not quite sure if the side scoops are sold or not. how much do you want for them? thanks a lot ;)
Personally I'm not sure how you have some sort of obligation to sell to the first person to reply to you. That is a decision you have to make. If someone is being an a$$ with you then I would tell them to get lost, first responder or otherwise. That said, I would also be interested in the side scoops and mounting bracket and will politely wait in line if other potential buyers fall through...
Still for sale.

Sorry for the delay on PMs, I didn't think to check on here for a bit.

I have sent PMs to all that messaged me.
Nate, payment sent.
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