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Carbon Side Scoops

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Hello All -

i am looking for a set of carbon fiber side scoops (if thats what they are called) for my 09' elise.

I have seen many on the market ranging from $200 - $700. I want to know which set to get and what the difference is in the quality vs. the price. Obviously i would like to get the best set for the money.

Also, do you have to drill into the car to install them?

Thanks in advance for the advice!
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Man I wish I could offer good decision making criteria. I just went with RLS. It is the Cadillac spendy $$$ approach, but I was confident of the quality of the product...

I see vinyl options sometime and think "damn cheap" nobody would ever tell the difference, but well...

There is some fitting and drilling as such in the scoops with offsets, but the only drilling in the mounting brackets was for optional airflow.

With all that said, CF is really coming down in price with many options available. You might think at first blush that makes it easier, but in my case not so. Hence again why I went with a preferred vendor like RLS. I have no doubt you might even be able to achieve or possibly replicate the quality. I just don't know where to send you to man ? Too many options

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I scored a set of RLS Carbon Fiber side scoops off the parts form here. Good kit install was a bit fiddly but it was no drill and they fit well.
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