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First off, thanks to everyone who helped me while planning this install.

Here is the list of stuff I installed:

CarPC (Aopen MiniPC w/ 7" Touchscreen)
Boyo License Plate Mounted Rearview Camera (Always on)
Polk db401 (front) speakers
Polk db521 (rear) speakers

This install was a pain due to the limited space in the car as well as having to manage/conceal all the wires. Also, there was absolutely no drilling of holes or modifications done to the car.

The 12V wire and backup camera wires were routed from the rear of the car and hidden beneath the center console.

Sorry, I do not have any pics of the installation process, but here are some pics of the end result.

1. The camera is always displaying on the JVC unit. Here is a picture with both screens.

2. Both screens. JVC controls showing.

3. Closer shot of the rearview screen.

4. Close up of the CarPC (Road Runner front end software)

5. Windows desktop screen.

6. Close up of the NAV (iGuidance 4) on the CarPC.

7. DVD playing on the CarPC

8. CarPC Mounted under the dash on the passenger side. The only wires exposed in the install are the USB cables (IPOD and NAV) plugged into the front of the CarPC.

9. USB GPS Module.

10. Front db401 speaker.

Here is a video of the system in action. Sorry for the poor quality. I recorded it using my digital camera. Both windows are down, going about 60+mph, and I can still hear the music well :)
YouTube - Lotus Exige S 240 Backup (Rearview) Camera and CarPC

The CarPC also has wireless installed, so I can just download music/videos/etc from my media server while parked in the driveway.

The CarPC controls the IPOD, while the JVC is connected to my cell phone via Bluetooth and displays the rearview camera.

Now, I need a car wash!

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I just got a clamp mount from

It wasn't cheap, but a great temporary solution that looks permanent. I put padding on the areas that contact the dash area so that the aluminum surface would not get scratched. It's very sturdy too. I've never had to re-adjust it.

You can see it a little better fom this angle. The jockstrap looking thing under the screen isn't part of it, that's the Lotus cupholder :)

Here are the part numbers that I got...
RAP-B-121BU - Clamp base
RAP-B-201U-A - Short Arm
RAM-B-202-MA4U - Plate that attaches to the screen
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