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Hey Ara,

Good to see your post. Thanks for the ride a few weeks back in Jeff's GT3. I'm still thinking about picking one up, and Jeff's is a sweet car (hope you got his wife's running again!). I see you got his GT out as well. . . very nice!

Given your time behind the wheel of so many cars at TWS, I'd be interested in your thoughts about what an LSS Elise could do around that course? As well, how do GT3's do around TWS?

In my E36 M3, on Kumhos with the planets aligned, I got down to 2.01's. A buddy of mine in a similar car has broken 2's. My buddy Mel who club raced for a year laid some serious smack down in BMW CCA H stock in an E36 M3, running 57 flat. Pretty amazing given the hp of the car.

Anyway, just trying to calibrate how the Elise would fare against my definition of 'fast' and with respect to different cars.


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