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I can't rate this dealership low enough.

Back when i was looking for an Elise, i go to their office to look at a car (which was in pretty rough shape) and the battery was completely dead.

I couldn't even start the car, he brought a jumpstarter battery and it didn't fire up either. While i was looking around the car, he walks away and i was thinking "he'll go get another jumpstarter". Well no, he just walked away and didn't give a crap.

I then go to him, ask him about the condition of the car and he's like: "I don't know, we haven't checked it". Does he think i'm stupid?, they've had the car for over a month in the showroom and they couldn't inspect it?.

Even after all this, we get to a deal and shake hands, pending a car inspection by another service shop.

The next day, i take a day off work, i get all ready for a long day trying to buy this car and when i call him he's like "Sorry i just sold it to a wholesaler" (I think Abe from this forum).

Anyway, the car is a lemon and the vin is: SCCPC11156HL32706 it's been crashed and rear clam replaced. I guess this is why he didn';t want to bother with me inspecting it.

They are so incompetent that they still have the car listed as "sale pending" and this has been going for 2 months.

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More info on why this car is probably a lemon:
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