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I have the opportunity to buy a "family car" (well, an M5) at a very attractive price. To do so I need to sell my Caterham.

I am so conflicted you can't believe it, but here is the ad.

I bought the car about 9 months ago. It is perfect and even better than when I bought it; have swapped out racing muffler for something a bit more streetable, moved the battery (so you can actually reach it), and added a choke.

The car is street legal and registered/on the road in Maryland.

Pix and details at 1997 Caterham Super 7 DeDion Spec Sheet --this is the FORMER owner's ad (so please don't contact him).

I need to get just about $30k for this to make sense. If you are looking for a Caterham you won't find a nicer one nor, I think, one more fairly priced. If you're looking for a steal, this is not the car for you.

Best to PM me.
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