LIke new set of CCW LM20's with Falken Azenis for sale. 17"x7" & 17"x8" This set of wheels and tires were on my 07 Exige when I purchased it. Very low miles, Falken logos are still showing on the tread, way less than 1k miles on tires and wheels. No curb damage or abrasions. Gloss bronze centers, polished outer rim and gloss black inner rim. No issues fitting big brake set. Current price from CCW is $1250 per wheel. Build specs shown in photos. No fitment or rubbing issues on my Exige. $2500 for the wheels and tires plus shipping, pickup welcome. Would also be interested in a set of 5 spoke cup wheels, LSS or other forged light wheels in trade. Please let me know if you have any questions.