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I bought two sets of these before I got my Exige because they where the lightest and best looking wheels I have seen on this car. I got them powder coated gunmetal because the Rays came with the silver lip and I always like a solid color.

Well, I get one set mounted with TPMS and Hoosier ties for my autox event and get really excited. Last night I go to my garage to put the on and the wheels don't clear the AP Racing brake calipers in the front. What the $&?!$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! argh!!!!! I thought I did all my homework so wtf?!!! Then I search again last night and see a couple of posts that these don't clear the APs. Anyone know the scoop? The issue is the inside barrel and not the spokes so spacers aren't going to help (at least I don't think).

Are there any 15" wheels that clear the APs?


2009 Exige s260 Sport
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