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Had a track day with CECA last Saturday at the Colorado State Patrol training facility on South Table Mountain in Golden.

This was my third time running with CECA. It's a different group of cars each time, with only a handful that have been at all three. The cars that seemed to get the most attention this time were a new Chrysler 300 (something like 4500lbs and 580hp) and a new Mustang (662hp). Those ran in the red group while I was in blue, but the latter did run in the open session at the end of the day. I could be wrong, but I think the Chrysler was the fastest car on the track.

Entries were limited to forty cars. I don't think the day was fully subscribed, but there might have been thirty or thirty five cars there - three Elises, three red Porsches (two 911s and a 944), three or four Miatas, a Mini, a Subaru WRX, the old Mustang that's on all the CECA flyers, a blue AMX, a Cougar, a handful of Corvettes, a few BMWs, a Sunbeam Tiger, several recent Mustangs, a first gen Viper, and a few others.

It's not really a track. It's 1.4 miles of two lane road, slightly crowned like a normal road and even painted with a dotted center line. It's shaped somewhat like a wire clothes hanger with the access road being the part that hangs on the rod. Oh, and there's a chicane on the long side.

There really isn't any terrain to speak of. Except for a couple of humps like the little "bunny hops" on a roller coaster. They really surprised me on my first lap. The one near the pit in is the larger of the two. I was able to take that one at full throttle in 4th gear, but for most of the day I lifted on that one. At full throttle the revs went up quite a bit as I topped the hill. Most folks took it on the left side, but I didn't notice any difference so I stayed to the right to avoid issues with cars exiting the track. (Watch the suspension on the Mustang in the video.)

I think the track was well suited to the Elise. Granted that I didn't run with many of the red group cars, I was only passed by the 600hp Mustang, one Vette, and a turbo Miata. Except for that time I put 2 wheels off in the chicane :)

Here's about a lap and a half:
CSP 2012-08-25 Chasing a Mustang - YouTube
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