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I've had this issue twice now. First time it happened, wasn't too worried. Anyways, while driving, I downshifted into second and noticed something sounded weird. I added gas and it wasn't going, so I thought I misshifted into fourth. Anyways, it was in the right gear, yet it wasn't revving. I shifted into neutral and coasted into a parking lot. While in neutral, the engine revs were fluctuating when idling. I also should mention I was low on gas.

Anyways, I restarted a few times while shutting off the engine completely and eventually problem and CEL went away.

This happened to me once before about 2 months back. I used a code reader and 3 codes popped up back then that read something like throttle control actuator or something similar of that nature.

I was told before that if the CEL goes away, that I shouldn't really worry about it. Does anyone know what this issue is/was?
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