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Center Caps/ Corsas

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1. Need Center caps because I forgot to take off yesterday at LRP and 3/4 came off. Got 2 back so need one.

2. Pirelli P Zero Corsas. Figured yesterday was a good day to try them at the track because it was rainy and wet in the AM and drying throughout the day.
Some observations. Pretty good on wet track but as it dried and pressures rose, grip went away BADLY. They were no better than the P Zeros from my 2010 on the wet track. Critical high numbers were 35/36. After several sessions for the day , I had them back to same pressures as my R888's ~32/34 hot. When they got hot and started to slide around, pressures climbed like crazy. I was not impressed with the Corsas on a dry track. They howl like a bastard. When hot they got wicked greasey. No wonder Pobst had his hands full in that Best driver's car comparo. If they had him running 35/38 cold, he was driving on tires that were ~41/46 hot!!!! Even at 32/34 I felt they were no match for my R888's. Felt like street tires being massacred at the track. Now 1 note that I acknowledge. These are from a 2011 Evora S so the tires are 3 years old. If they degraded that badly, I guess that could be part of it. Regardless, I'm going out of my way to terminate them before cool fall temps kick in. They are DEFINITELY NOT worth $200 more/rear tire than the Toyos!! Their only advantage is they are much quieter. Ride actually similar. Bottom line, I was disappointed. I expected serious performance out of that 60 wear rating. IMHO they are not worth their price and not worth replacing with them. BTW I was directly observed running wide in multiple places where I usually nail apecies every time and they heard the tires howling in protest with great amusement.
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Tires had less than 2000 miles (easy miles). As I said, they were 3 years old. I have to think it was age related because the disappointment was significant.
DDim are you talking street or track? Street you couldn't get my kind of heat into a tire if you tried! Tires are gummy bears after a session. To me they were definitely not worth the cost. I've had Sumitomo HTRZIII's that resisted become greasey as well as these tires. No joke. I pushed the stockers on my 04 STi (Bridgestone RE070's I think) hard enough to yank chunks out of the tread and they maintained grip.
Thanks Hondo san,just what I was thinking. Hard to believe a top shelf brand would get blown out of the water so readily by Toyo! Probably like the Yoko A048's which also start fabulous but degrade readily. Toyo seems to have found some magical consistency. Maybe only 95% of the A048's on day1-2, but they seem to wear really well and maintain grip till the bitter end. I've run them damn near bald and they haven't gotten greasey.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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