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CF Center console for Elige

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Hey guys,

Picked this up from by buddy Scott intending to wetsand it/finish it and put in in my car but decided just to keep my stock center console. Any white residue on it is just from a previous wetsanding attempt (I gave up quickly :shrug:). Half is basically fine and the other half has a hazy thick clearcoat that I guess just needs to be sanded down. There are a few little blemishes but no cracks that I saw and overall good condition. VERY LIGHT too.

Just cleaning out the basement, make an offer. I'd prefer local pickup but will ship if I can sell it for a worthwhile price


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Looks WAY rougher in those pics. I cleaned it up a bit and took a video of the console, linked below. It's not perfect and would require wet sanding. Would be a cool spare or a nice light console for a track car (weighs nothing). Will take any reasonable offer

CF Console - YouTube
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