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CF interior part(s), what do you think?

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So I've been a little disappointed with the lack of CF interior parts. The only options we seem to have are the binnacle, door panels, sills and door panels. While these greatly improve the look of the interior it still leaves me with the feeling that I need more. Here's the first prototype piece that I've done. I started out with a small piece (this goes over the top of the steering column) so that I could learn and improve workmanship. Let me know what you think. It's been sanded and sprayed with a matte/flat finish. If there's any interest I'll post the other parts as I finish them and make more if people want them. The parts that I have planned are:

1) airbag cover
2) both small panels (the blank one on the pass side and the one with the start button on the driver side)
3) center vent/radio piece
4) driver/pass side vent pieces
5) eventually the center dash cut out (hard to explain but its center part of the dash that's indented)

These will all be cover parts, not replacements.

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