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Since this job sucks and I just swore a lot, figured I'd pass on the knowledge.

You've most likely seen the threads on how to do it. A few tips - assuming you've jacked up the car, removed the rear drivers side wheel and wheel arch liner.

- You've probably seen the wiffle ball trick. My advice - use TWO. I had one and used a roll of duct tape. One at the top hinge and one at the bottom hinge (engine side). This will help to keep the hinges together - making closing easier.

- Pop the clips off. Again, try to do it by applying pressure to keep those engine side hinges connected.

- When you remove the filter, you'll be sprayed with leafs, debris, used condoms and all manner of dirt.

- Put your new filter in. The rigid wire ridge goes around the outside. Don't smash it inside.

Ok, now to close it.

- Wear thing gloves. You'll scratch the crap out of your hands.

- Use C/quick grip clamps (one top, one bottom) to pull the sides of the box together. This will allow you to flip the locking clips. I literally could not it without it.

- Have a couple of muffler/hose clamps on hand. The bottom metal clamp popped off and I couldnt find it. A small muffler clamp did the trick.

- Remove everything, put back together and torque to 77.

I didn't take pictures, but the wiffle ball bits and c clamps make this job doable without having to get another set of hands (ie, a wife who won't do it).
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