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wan888 said:
I wonder if anyone of you may know the cost for the chassis replacement ? And does it require substantial amount of skill to carry out the job ?
The total cost of a re-chassis depends a lot on the labor hours.

A new partial body assembly (chassis with hoses/tubes installes, sills bonded on, crashbox in place, etc. etc.) should be in the 5 to 7000 UK pound range.

Add to that any replacement parts you may need for the damaged parts from the 'donor' car.

After that it's not a very difficult job to swap all the bits over from the old car to the new chassis. Basic mechanical aptitude and access to the service manual and parts list (and of course a well-stocked toolbox) is pretty much all that's required.

Some specialised jobs (like putting in the new windscreen glass) of course need to be done by skilled technicians, but those jobs are limited in number.

It's just lots and lots of work.. So if someone has space available to 'park' a new chassis and a damaged car side-by-side and work on this themselves it can be a 'cheap' option to get an Elise back on the road.

On the S1 it's often joked that re-chassied cars are actually the ones you want to find, because they were probably put together with more care than Lotus originally did :D

A car with a new chassis pretty much is 'good as new' again.

Bye, Arno.
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