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My trunk carries maps, tire compressor & Slime, some tools, a few parts, spare eyeglasses, oil, latex gloves, rags, and the usual stuff.

I wanted a way to keep the trunk organized but leaving enough room for other stuff I might have to bring home.

So, I:

Attached cable clamps to the tail light mounting bolts

Put all my stuff in 3 small canvas bags

Threaded an adjustable bungee cord thru the bags’ handles (a few times each)

Put the ends of the cord in the cable clamps.

Laid no-slip rubber matting on trunk floor to keep everything from moving around (Thanks, Tim Mullen, for pointing me to this stuff.)


The least usable part of the trunk, closest to the back is the only section used

The top can be jammed on top of the bags, leaving lots of usable room for groceries, etc.

I saved about $109 ;)


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