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Cheap suspension?

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According to sports pack costs 2,480$ For this money you get: 4 wheels, 4 tires, and a sports suspension (Bilstein Dampers with Adjustable Perches, Eibach Springs). This seems really low, considering the fact that you can barely buy a decent set of wheels + tires for 2.5k not to mention the suspension (I just replaced 4 tires on my car costing over 1,000$). I know for a fact that high end ohlins and Eibach suspensions cost over 5,000$. Can this suspension really be worth it considering the relatively low price? Has anyone upgraded the suspension to a more expansive one?

P.S. I know lotus engineers spent millions perfecting the suspension, the price just seems way low.
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buy SSR's 2000
sell LTS wheels -1200
double adjustable shocks 2800

Total 3600

Then you have a MUCH better setup than stock or LSS and it has only cost you $1100 more. This is basically what i did except i went with the Kodiak wheels which are a bit more money and may go with triple adjustable shocks which are $$$$.

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