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Check engine light always on

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My check engine light is now always on. It came on when I was driving and has yet to shut off. Any ideas on what to do?

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Any autoparts store (Autozone, O'Reilly, etc) can pull the OBD codes using a portable reader for free.

Alternatively, you can get a Bluetooth OBD dongle off Amazon for ~20 bucks and use a smartphone app to read the code (I use Torque with my Android, i know there are iOS equivalents).

Hopefully it's something minor like a loose gas cap (which will go away on its own after a few miles of driving).
The OBD port is on the lower left of the driver's footbay. Stick your head in there, feel with your hand the lower left edge of the panel and the OBD port will be pretty obvious. There are access slits cut into the leather (and it may even be labeled, i don't recall).
Please report the code back to this thread.

I get them every once in a while but they always clear on their own. Typically a misfire. .. Could be due to a very wide range of reasons but in my case is it is always the case of leaving my car undriven for a long period of time. Probably gas line had a bubble or battery was a bit under charged (more likely the case actually).

(I've never had the light come on other than for a misfire.)
Should be OK. Then get either Torque (Android) or Dashcommand (iPhone).
Bluetooth OBD dongles will not work with the iPhone unless jailbroken, so if you have an iPhone, buy the wifi version... Or so I hear...
Loose gas cap?:shrug:
This seemed to have the best reviews, so I picked it up. Should be here in a day or two.

Checked. Very tight.
better to unscrew and rear install again, go three clicks and done.
No luck with the gas cap.

The p code that came back was P1302. I looked up what P1302 is.
P1302 Misfire level causing catalyst system damage

What do I do to fix this? The closest dealership is Manhattan Motors or Park Ave Lotus. Both aren't the greatest. Can I fix this myself?
Hmm--might be serious and may be difficult to diagnose/fix yourself.
Check for loose connection(s) to igniter coils. Could also be a bad igniter or spark plug.
That code is most likely the loose throttle body connector that numerous people have reported.

See post 19:
Great. Which service center should I send it too? Manhattan Motors or Park Ave Lotus?
If you read the thread in its entirety, it walks you through how to fix it. Takes all of 2 minutes.
If you read the thread in its entirety, it walks you through how to fix it. Takes all of 2 minutes.
Just spray electrical contact cleaner on the blue wire?

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